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Flourish Kitchen - Our Founders

Flourish was born out of the personal experiences and struggles of its two founders, Kevin Corkum and Kate Tremills. Both of them, avid travelers with busy lifestyles, had faced numerous challenges when it came to maintaining a FODMAP diet and their digestive health on the go. They realized the struggles they faced with food choices, especially while traveling, were shared by many other busy, urban, professional women. From dealing with dietary restrictions due to digestive distress, to the sheer frustration of finding good, nutritious food outside of their daily routine, Kevin and Kate realized there was a need for high-quality, healthful, and convenient food options.

Their journey to wellness and good nutrition led them to realize that food is medicine and how crucial dietary choices are in maintaining not just physical but mental health as well. Both Kevin and Kate, despite their digestive issues, refused to compromise their love for travel and the lifestyle they cherished. This led them to the creation of Flourish, offering a range of products that are AIP compliant, slow-carb movement-friendly, and suitable for various restrictive diets.

Understanding the complexities of dealing with digestive health problems such as bloating, brain fog, and difficulties in maintaining a bathroom schedule while traveling, they knew they could use their experiences to help others. This empathy became the driving force behind their commitment to Flourish. The brand represents more than just a restrictive diet; it's a testament to their shared values of clean, healthy food, and the desire to feel good and perform well no matter where life takes them.

Decades of personal experience, thousands of dollars spent testing digestive systems, and numerous dietary adaptations have shaped the origin story of Flourish. Kevin and Kate's own experiences have fueled their determination to create a solution for those who, like them, want to maintain their dietary integrity without sacrificing their lifestyle. With Flourish, they aim to empower others to live their best life, regardless of their dietary needs or restrictions.