Intuitive Guidance

Your Intuition Speaks to You. Learn How to Listen.

What is Venus Lessons?

Access your Soul's wisdom through your beautiful intuition. Venus Lessons is a methodology of listening to your inner wisdom. Discover your unique brilliance with astrology, meditation, journalling, and oracle cards.


Astrology reveals our soul map and design for this life. The more you learn, the more you discover your genuine self.


Journalling is a powerful tool to explore your thoughts, feelings, and insights. Discover your magical inner world.

Tarot & Oracle Cards

Tarot and oracle cards show you where you are on your path. Illuminating your next step and the message you need to hear.


Meditation is a beautiful way to detach from your thoughts and feelings. Making space for intuition to speak to you.

"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within."

Maya Angelou


I always feel such a beautiful, long breath of joy and inspiration. It's as if I realize I've been holding tension in my body that I was completely unaware of. It feels like an exquisite and effortless coming home to myself. Your content brings me into alignment with who I am. And reminds me that I love her.

Naomi Estment

In a world that taught us to keep moving forward, Venus Lessons asks us to pause. Pause to breathe, reflect, and reset. With its simple wisdom and practical strategies, Venus Lessons teaches you how to effectively navigate this world by putting you in touch with your inner self. The self we should all live and lead from.

Liz Klein

The simple and loving messages and prompts from Venus Lessons help to guide me to my intuition. Journalling has now become a daily practice for me, where guidance pours from my pen right to the paper. I am forever grateful to Venus Lessons.

Jill Lawrence

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