Get to Know Your Virgo

As a Virgo, you have special gifts to give the world. Whether you are a Virgo Sun, Moon, or Rising, getting to know your unique brilliance makes ALL the difference in how you show up. 

If you have an important Virgo in your life, knowing how she works, and what lights her up, will completely change YOUR life and hers.

Get to Know Your Virgo
is a course that teaches what makes a Virgo tick, how you're specifically designed, and the best ways to activate those magical gifts so you can take care of yourself AND serve the world.

Discover Your Superpowers

Every sign in the zodiac has its special powers. As a Virgo, you are designed to bring powerful change to our practical world. You're wise, skeptical, discerning, and so much more. Discover how YOU are designed to embody practical magic.

Discover Your Kryptonite

Every superpower has its corresponding kryptonite or shadow. When you are stressed or feel unsafe, your shadow appears. As a Virgo, that looks like anxiety, perfectionism, and more. When you learn to work with your shadow (and make it your friend), you become much more powerful and peaceful.

What You'll Learn

Astrology is a profound tool that reveals your brilliance. When you understand how to make the most of your design, you embody your power and purpose.

In Get to Know Your Virgo, you will:

☆  Discover your element, mode, and season
☆  Dive into your symbol, ruler, and archetypes
☆  Learn your superpowers and how to embody them
☆  Uncover your shadow and how to work with it

Course Details

In this course, you will receive:

☆ 3 Weeks of Powerful Lessons 
☆ 18 Lessons (Six Per Week)   
☆ 9 Journal Prompts (Three Per Week)
☆ Meditations & Self-Care Practices
☆ Beautiful Guidebook

Kate is an author and speaker who wrote for years in the film industry. She has four novels and has been featured in Elle Canada, Giant, and ScreenTalk magazines. On her creative path, Kate discovered a passion for bringing well-being and success together.

After willfully ignoring her intuition for years, Kate is passionate about guiding others to claim their brilliance. The intuitive arts are a life-long passion. She has studied astrology for two decades.

In Venus Lessons, she integrates astrology, meditation, and oracles into her classes and books. 

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