Astrology and Your Soul Map

The moment you were born the stars charted a map for your soul.

When you receive your astrology chart, this crazy-looking map of the sky reveals amazing treasures about who you are, what you desire, and how you communicate most effectively.

We all have a map like this. And when you commit to learning about it, little step by little step, the rewards are phenomenal. You start to feel seen. You acknowledge parts of yourself that may have been shoved away for years because they were unacceptable in your home, school, or town.

Astrology gives you back all of those hidden gems and obvious talents.

Each time you learn a little more about your Sun, Moon, Venus and more, you call a part of yourself back. You learn about your truth. And you express it more fully and courageously.

This is the gift that astrology brings.

Self-awareness. Revelation. Acceptance. And a window into how your way of being harmonizes with or activates other people.

As you dive deeper, you also discover that every sign has a shadow side and a light side. A lower expression and a higher expression. So when you are tired? You may slip into the lower, grumpier version of your sign. And when you feel calm, you express the higher, loving version.

Astrology brings insights over and over, the deeper we wish to look. The gifts of discovery are infinite.

So if you are an avid learner or a curious seeker, go get your chart at And stay tuned for more ways to learn about your soul blueprint!

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