About Us

Our Products

We want to provide nutrient dense, locally sourced and whole foods based meals that are affordable. We also make gluten free baked goods and our meals, like our baked goods, will always have options that are gluten free, paleo and/or vegan. We will continue to use as many local products as possible including pastured pigs and grass finished cows. When local products are not available, we will prioritize other small businesses as suppliers. 

My Story

I began my gluten free journey about seven years ago as an experiment. I read that wheat can cause inflammation in the body and since I knew inflammation was the underlying problem in all of the medical issues I was experiencing, I decided to try to cut out wheat and see if it helped. As I researched, I learned that gluten is what causes the inflammation and it's not limited to wheat so I removed all gluten for six weeks. To be honest, I didn't notice much of a difference so I was relieved to be able to eat "normal" again, but I got a migraine almost immediately upon the reintroduction of gluten. My aches and pains magically appeared. I didn't even notice they were gone. I was amazed at how awful I had felt and just thought it was normal. 

During the next year I became more attentive to food fillers and additives. This led me to a more whole foods approach to my diet. Today I eat mostly paleo and completely gluten free. Although I feel better than I ever have, I miss being able to get the food I grew up enjoying. I hate that I can't go out for a bowl of gumbo or get a muffin with my coffee. I want to open a small cafe because I believe other people feel this way too. I want to focus mostly on nutrient dense, whole foods but also offer gluten free versions of local favorites and baked goods. Flourish is starting small, but the long term goal is a cafe and bakery.